Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Arrival has come and gone
(What a wonderful Birthday Present. Born the day before my birthday.)

Olivia Nichole Rhien 
Born July 30, 2013
6lb 10 oz
19 inches long
 Here I am with about 1 month before she was born. They told me that if I ever felt bigger than I was it was because I was. I had more fluid than baby during this pregnancy.

Bed all ready for her arrival. Hannah loved reading the Olivia book before she was born. 

One last adventure. We took Hannah to the farm at Thanksgiving Point 3 days before Olivia was born. We had planned on going to the Dinosaur Museum a few days later but had to go after since Olivia decide to come 11 days early.
I am all set and ready to get this show on the road. I had been having contractions since Friday, July 26 but they would go away after a few hrs. On Monday night I had a lot more intense and closer together but I just tried to sleep through them. I had an appointment the next morning with my midwifes and thought I would see if they did anything. At my appointment I was dilated to a 5 with a bulging bag. (With Hannah I was only dilated to a 3 when my water broke). The midwife said that I needed to get to the hospital in the next few hrs and if my water broke to get the fast. I went home and got Hannah arranged with one of the Young Women from the ward  and we headed to the hospital around 11am. When I got there I was about the same and my water hadn't broke so they sent me walking to see if I could get the ball rolling. I had to keep switching between Robert and my mom because they were getting tired of my fast walking (so funny!). During one contraction I was leaning against the wall and breathing through it when all of the sudden it was as if a water balloon had popped. Yep that is right my water broke in the hallway. We went to get help and they quickly brought me a wheelchair. I sat down and they started pushing me to the room but noticed the nice trail of water behind me. Yep as I sat down more water kept coming. Lovely!!! They grabbed some towel and  had me hold them in front of me. This got things going faster till I hit an 8. I stayed at an 8 for several hrs and my midwife gave me the option to keep going at this rate (and get pretty worn out) or to give me some pitocin and speed it up. They gave me a little and it really sped it up. Since I was going unmedicated this also make it more intense. I figured I could handle a lot of pain for a shorter period. Olivia arrived about 35 minutes later. I really loved my midwives and loved how amazing Robert was at helping me through each contraction. My mom was also there to help. Last time Robert had a hard time once I started expressing pain and had to leave towards the end. He stood at the door and coached me but this time he was able to handle everything all the way through. Since this is the birth story we did have a funny side note that we all laugh at now. For those of you who don't know: Robert was diagnosed with Aspherber's after Hannah was born. We have learned a lot and grown so much during the past few years. One thing we have learned is how he takes things literally. During labor we had casually discussed that Olivia could be born in about 3 hrs if I continued at the rate I was currently. Well it was much longer than 3 hrs since I got stuck at an 8. Right after they gave me the Pitocin and the contractions started picking up our room phone rang. Robert picked it up and then I heard him say "Send them on back". We all almost in unison said "Who are they sending back?". Robert totally straight forward said "oh just Brian and Neg" (These were two family friends of Robert's) My midwife had no idea what to do and asked what I wanted her to do. She ran into the hall and explained to them that I was in active labor which they didn't expect to hear. I guess Robert had texted them when we originally said it might be 3 hrs and told them to come on over about that time and meet Olivia. I let them in to say Hi and that it would be best to come back tomorrow. You could see their shocked look on their face when they walked in especially when I had a contraction and began yelling "knees, knees" which was everyone cue to push my knees to my chest to take the pressure off my back. Oh man..what a moment. They then said "how about we come back tomorrow?" The midwife said "you are lucky she is calm during childbirth. She is not normal! Most women who are dilated to an 8 would be yelling at you to leave".  The next day when they came back we joked and said they are like family now and I should have had them just stay and help out (since Olivia was literally delivered 15 min after they left). This didn't bother me since I had already had my water break in the hallway.
I say each woman needs to choose what is best for them when giving birth. For me doing it unmedicated is about me overcoming my mind and seeing how strong I really am. It also helps with a faster recovery and I love that I am up and walking right afterwards.  The worse part of it for me is the very end and just making sure I am breathing or like they told me moan like a "cow". yeah that was funny when they told me that but it works. Just doing what you need and making sure that everyone in the room is on board. If you need it quiet then they are to be quiet or if you need "knees, knees" they push on you knees till you tell them.
Hannah meeting her sister for the first time. She has seemed to understand what was happening through the whole pregnancy and called Olivia "owa".
Hannah just loves her sister. Though she is adjusting to having to share the time and having major meltdowns now. Like she says "I learning".
Olivia had to stay in the nursery an extra night after I was discharged because her blood sugar wasn't stable. They let us stay till 11pm and then come back early the next morning. When Robert and I went to visit her before we had to leave for the night she gave us the biggest smile. It sure made leaving her much easier knowing she was happy. We thought she would have to stay till the following night but when we came to see her the next morning they said if her next 2 hr check was high enough she would be able to go home. Her poor feet had so many pokes on them. The next check was awesome so we got to go home with her. Even though she was in staying overnight in the regular nursery and not the NICU it was still hard leaving your new infant in the hospital while you go home. Just not what a new mom expects to have happen. I was grateful,however, that they were making sure she was healthy enough to go home.We have another bridge to cross with Olivia. She was born with a sacral dimple (I didn't know what that was so you can google it too). In the hospital they did a scan and thought that the trace when down towards the tailbone and not up towards the spine. In this case it is typically harmless. They wanted us to consult a Neurosurgeon still. We had that appointment a few weeks ago and they didn't rule out anything at this point. They want to wait till she is 3 months then do an MRI on her and see for sure. At this point we are hoping for the best and the fact that she has movement in her legs and not fluid leaking from the sight is good.
Robert's parents were able to come down 3 days after Olivia was born.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hannah is going to be a big sister and is so excited she will have a little sister. We are so excited to have another girl joining our family in August. Robert really wanted another girl and Aleasha didn't have a preference. We are both feel so blessed to be intrusted with another sweet child.
Hannah has fun taking her baby shopping with her "big sister" balloons!! She loves playing with her balloons and often points to them and says "sister". She also loves going to the fridge and pointing to the ultrasound picture and saying "baby". She has also started feeling my baby or will say "see" and try and pull my shirt up to see my belly. She is so cute and will be a great big sister. I am sure she will have an adjustment period at first.

 Let it snow; let it snow; let is snow!!! 

We have had several big snow storms this winter and have enjoyed watching it snow and playing in the snow. 
Hannah loves it when I bring a bowl full of snow inside for her to play with. She began asking for it almost everyday.
Hannah enjoyed eating her snow ice-cream. Mmmmmmmm
Our neighbors got to dig their cars out of the snow after the snow plow came down our street.
Here is Robert standing in one of our tallest snow piles. It is almost up to his waist.

Park City

We enjoyed a few trips to Park City to watch the World Championships on the half pipe for skiing and snowboarding.
Hannah enjoyed running around in the snow more than watching the event. She was content when I let her run free.
Olympic medalist and well know snowboarder Shaun White was one of the participants. He fell on his first run but turned it around and won gold with his second run. The times I have seen him he always had long curly hair. He has since cut his hair and I didn't recognize him at first.  It was amazing how many athletes fell and didn't get hurt.
Just a cute video of Hannah dancing. She was watching herself on the TV while dancing. She loved it but then I think it made her scared that she was on the TV.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. It was nice to be able to travel to New Mexico and see both of our families.
Cute Hailey and her new stroller and doll. Hannah still hasn't stopped mentioning "Haywee".
Hannah found out where the pineapple cookies stash was and would take anyone who didn't know she already had her fair share to get her more. She came out with 2 this time. She sure has her dad's sweet tooth. These cookies are one's that Aleasha's family made her whole childhood and it was fun to see them in the same yellow bowl at her Grandma's house.
Hannah and her uncle Steve
Hannah loved opening her gifts this year and also everyone else.
Hannah helping her Nona open gifts.
Loving on Scout!
We went with Robert's brother Taylor to see the lights on Salt Lake's temple square.They are just so beautiful!
Hannah insisted on walking around. By the end she laid down on the ground. I asked her is she was tired and she replied with the saddest "yeah". We then carried her the rest of the way to the car. 
We have enjoyed some snow this winter. Hannah had gotten this elf outfit when we went to Texas and it was perfect to play in after one storm. PS: she is leaning up against her sandbox which is cover with snow and just looks like a mountain in our yard.
We did a few decorations this year. Robert and I always have a debate on what color of lights we are going to put on the tree. I like white lights and he likes colored. I offered to put colored lights on if he would help put them on and decorate; to which he replied "let's do white lights". Though I got to put on the lights myself I got the white ones.
Hannah got out her book and opened it. I asked her what rhyme it was and she immediately started doing pat-a-cake. We have really started noticing how aware she is of things and how much she it learning and growing.

We received many amazing gifts for Christmas. One of the greatest gifts came before Christmas. On December 8 I had a feeling that I was pregnant. I had several signs but dismissed them because of how long it took us to get pregnant before. I had those feelings so many times before in years past and it was always negative and didn't want to spend the money for a test. On the 8th I decided to finally take a test. It came out POSITIVE. I was excited but still didn't believe it. So I took another one or two. Robert was playing his cello for our ward Christmas party and I didn't want to take his thoughts away from that so I waited till after. It was funny because during the party he held a friends baby and it was fun to see him holding a baby. Afterwards I made a comment about how he looked like he was enjoying holding the baby. He said, "Yeah, why can't we just have another one?" To which I replied "Well, actually.......I'm pregnant!!!". He was totally shocked and thought I was kidding. Once he saw the tests he started getting excited. A few weeks later the for sure signs kicked in: nausea, can't brush my teeth without gagging 2 sec into it, and smells that make me puke. Since I was so sick we decided to tell our family on Christmas since we would be there.

Hannah was the first person I told. Two days later I asked her what was in my belly. She said "A baby". I quickly grabbed the camera and got her in video saying that. She was the one who broke the news to our family. We showed them a few pictures/videos and ended with this video. 

 Texas Trip

The day after Halloween we flew to Texas to visit Aleasha's dad and step-mom.
Hannah was a trooper on the trip. She grabbed everyone's attention around her.
They had a sandbox and Hannah was is heaven. She loved playing in the sandbox.
We visited the Science Museum and I am not sure who had more fun....Robert or Hannah. They had a pretend news station in the toddler play area and that is right where Robert headed. Before long he was announcing the news and singing impromptu songs about Hannah and I. The best part is that the microphone was real and everyone around us could hear him. I was dying from laughter and embarrassment.
Hannah just loved the music area.
Her favorite area was the grocery store.

We went to visit Prairie Dog Village. It was super windy and just reminded me of areas around New Mexico where the Prairie Dogs have taken over.

Chuck E. Cheese’s: 

They took us to eat and have Hannah play. She wasn't into most of the rides but loved running around and seeing all the kids. 
Hannah on the only ride she would do.
She also like helping to drive the race car.
Tickle time with Grandpa. I just love her sweet smile and laugh
She just loved Nina and Pa.
Aleasha's half sister Melanie and her husband were there the first part of the time she was there.Hannah just loved playing with her.

Robert got his last box of Hostess donettes at work. Aleasha was crazy and did a late night just to see if she could find anything else. We found quite a bit and put them in our freezer.
Hannah loved playing in the leaves and then was a helper to clean them up.
We had a free zoo day with our Utah Pass of All Passes. Hannah loved watching the animals, running everywhere and saying "hi" to all the kids.
Her other favorite part was playing in the dirt and looking through the fence at the construction.